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Bearing Down on Putin

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The mess in Ukraine with the imminent conflict between Russia and the Rest Of The World shows just how little we have learned of diplomacy. We might have thought this kind of situation was easy to defuse before it reached such explosive levels, but we’ve got it all wrong. And the main reason we’ve got it all wrong is that we’ve been misunderstanding Vladimir Putin.

Understandably, perhaps, we tend to see Russia today as the continuation of the Soviet Union, especially in its role as the nemesis of “The Free World”, aka The United States of America. Our Cold War mentality makes us view Putin as the next Kruschev or Brezhnev and that doesn’t help at all. The guy dead set on invading Ukraine, bombing Kiev and grabbing the Crimea doesn’t live at the Kremlin, he lives under the name of Sanders.

 Because Vladimir Putin is the reincarnation of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Nobody's going to hurt you

Nobody’s going to hurt you


As he is a President of Very Little Brain, he thinks that Crimea is actually a part of the Hundred Acre Wood, you see. He’s arrogant and lazy and thinks he can just look cute to get what he wants, even it means posing topless on horseback. The pots of honey and oil reserves are worth it.

Poohtin has few friends. A stunted pig and a bipolar donkey don’t make for very stimulating conversation. So he has grown to be despotic and demanding, and even the steadying influence of Christopher Robin-Ki-Moon isn’t enough to restrain his megalomania.

So what can the west do to put our cuddly homophobic pal back on the straight and narrow? In the case of the original A A Milne version, I’d say Poohtin would eventually just get tired and bored and end up wandering off home. But the Disney version of Pooh is so annoying, I wouldn’t object to the United Nations moving in and giving him a firm slap on the paw.

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Fifty Shades of Pocahontas

No Comment

No Comment

Robert Walser and I were strolling along the Corniche in Beirut the other day and it suddenly struck us. We picked it up and both commented on its bulk. I had an urge to toss it over the fiscal cliff but you know what Robert’s like… he had to waffle on for several pages to get nowhere and make you feel inferior in the process.


But, and this is a big “but” by the way, I have to say that he got me thinking about Pocahontas. She has a lot in common with Winnie the Pooh and Mowgli and Peter Pan and I hope you’re with me because I don’t want to go through this once more oh all right dammit here we go… It’s this Disneyfication of characters – including real people, hey, we’re all characters in God’s great rock opera, “Life”, now not showing at a theatre near you. Winnie, Mowgli, Peter, Pocahontas… they were all doing fine and didn’t need Walt to come along and hijack them, sweetening and repackaging, shipping included, now gift wrapped at no extra charge.


Well, it’s like this, Walt, and I hope you don’t mind if I call you Walt, I can, can’t I, I mean, what else am I going to call you – Vladimir? Estragon? You took advantage of Pocahontas, didn’t you. And made it OK for everybody else, didn’t you.


There’s books and there’s history and there’s history books and there’s something else that’s got nothing to do with anything.


Just thought I’d get that off my chest. Thank you for watching.


–          Sheen XXX