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Vámonos pá Liang Shan Po


Here I was the other day, quietly pruning my hydrangeas, humming a Calle 13 song as I snipped, not a care in the world, when an inkling took foot in my thinking, a funny coincidence tickled my fancy. I was barefoot on my lawn – my white feet, soaking up the dew and thrilling with the newness of my occurrence; my scarred hands, grasping the shears and soaked in sweat and anticipation (and little bits of leaves and stuff).

Oh, but how is this…? Calle 13’s song “Adentro” is virtually a translation (of intent, if not of lexis) of the glorious Bert Kwouk preamble of “The Water Margin”. One is from Puerto Rico, 2014, and the other is hard to say… let’s see…

The Water Margin was a Japanese TV production of the mid 1970’s, a reconstruction of the medieval Chinese literary classic Shui Hu Zhuan. This has acquired a cult following in the UK, Germany and, to a lesser extent, Aragón.

So here is “Adentro” by Calle 13 and the introduction to The Water Margin. We all have so much to learn.




There are no barriers for the man who moves with the Tao, cuando la tiranía es ley.