Yr wyf yn eich casáu, ond yr wyf yn dy garu di

I hate you but you love me

I hate you but you love me

John Ford almost made a disastrous decision but he really cut the mustard in the end. When making Mogambo, many voices questioned his choice of Grace Kelly as the foil to Ava Gardner, the love interest of Clark Gable. “Too obvious, too cold, too uptight, Marswell [Gable’s character] would never be attracted to Mrs Nordley [Kelly]” they said. Everybody was OK with him drooling over the tribal charms of Eloise [Gardner]; the earthy African technicolours and the steroidal gorilla enhance the lust, and drive poor Mr Nordley [Donald Sindon] to despair.

You hate me but I love you

You hate me but I love you

The thing between Grace Kelly and Clark Gable works, however, not because of that silly truism about opposite poles being attracted, but because they cover common ground – they’re both brusque, sarcastic, prepared to put somebody down even at the cost of gaining some personal reward. Marswell finds a kindred spirit in Linda Nordley, someone who isn’t going to be pushed around by his manly / simian charms.

I love you but I hate you

I love you but I hate you

And so it is with sriracha and mustard. A wiser man than me once said “Never add spice to fire, for it is sure to burn bitter” but lo and behold, sriracha and mustard are a miraculously delicious mismatch. The hotness of both doesn’t clash; one embraces the other with such loving passion that their offspring is of a spiciness which can only be described as mogambic. I like to think of Clark Gable as the mustard here; Ava Gardner would be a perfectly predictable honey and Grace Kelly is the never-saw-it-coming sriracha.

Seek out the unlikely. I hate you but I love you.

I loved you

I loved you


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