What To Drink While Watching “Homeland”

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Another episode in our favourite section, The Movie and the Beverage, this time dedicated to that groundbreaking TV series Homeland, now well into its third season. Spoiler: This post contains warnings.

Rather than pin down just one drink for the whole show, Sheen and I have decided it would be more representative to identify certain characters with a beverage that corresponds for some reason. To open just one bottle of something and hope it stretches from Langley to Beirut and then to Caracas would be at best idealistic and at worst really silly. So here we go, folks.


homeland 2

We learn at the start of Season Three that Carrie has ditched her lithium in favour of vodka and she’s knocking back a bottle a day. This plays havoc with her cyclothymia (which she likes to think of as a bipolar condition but ha ha ha she doesn’t know what she’s talking about) and turns her into a paranoid conspiracy theorist. It’s obviously doing her a fat lot of good and she should switch to cider or something.


Brody has a hell of a time in Iraq and Venezuela and would be grateful for anything refreshing and yet stiff. The local tipple in Baghdad is an aniseed-flavour liquor called arak and I’m sure Brody would find it as disgusting as the rum they ply him with in Caracas. I see him as a scotch’n’ginger man. Maybe it’s his red hair, maybe it’s because it’s a well-known fact that most US marines who support the jihad inevitably end up making whisky commercials.


Saul has very bushy eyebrows and a bushy beard and a bushy heart. People like him usually don’t drink because they know it brings out the grizzly in them, but as a Jew, he feels he has to drink in case they think he’s a weirdo, but it’s clear that what he most enjoys, and what makes sense in his world, and what makes the world make sense, and what he enjoys making sense of, and senses the enjoyment in the making of, is coffee. He’s a busy man, and oops, he’s just inherited the job of CIA boss, so coffee is very much what the doctor ordered.


Dana is a pain in the neck and should drink something like rat poison.


Jessica is a definitely a red wine drinker. She is always in control, even when she learns that her hubby is a terrorist and her daughter tries to commit suicide and then runs off with a psycho. You can’t see her gulping anything like beer, or taking the time to make a cup of tea, or glugging back the bourbon; no, she pours a glass of velvety red wine into a typically oversized American wine glass, drinks heavily at first and then plonks the half-empty glass on the coffee table and looks simultaneously worried and seductive.


Mike, on the other hand, wouldn’t know the difference between red wine and red vines, so Coke is fine for him.

homeland 3

The shiftiest person in the series is Dar Adal. I can just see him sipping something shifty and ghastly like cognac. I don’t really know the influence this guy has on Saul; I’m wondering if Season Four might explore some shifty relationship between these two unsavoury characters.


I like Quinn and I like Fara. They would make a nice couple – ruthless and attractive, stylish and incisive. Drinks they should weigh up: dry martini, Darjeeling tea, champagne, Vichy Catalán. It’s up to them.


Where is this series going? Hard to say. I sort of miss the Middle East thing, the doubts about Brody’s allegiances and of course his affair with Carrie. I want to think the scriptwriters have got it all mapped out but I’m not so sure. Let us raise our glasses notwithstanding… a toast, if you will, to Homeland.





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  1. Posted by Guillermo N'dongo on November 1, 2013 at 11:27 am

    I’m drinking “Cacique con Coca Cola” and thinking how appropriate it would be. Agree?


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