Christmas Cocktails


It’s that time of year again! Time to stuff that capon! Time to deck the halls! Also time to try out one of novelty Christmas cocktails, perhaps…?

Ever questing for “that extra bite”, here at Ztw we are proud to offer you the VODCARI and the GINTOXIGENADA.

Both are simple enough to make in the privacy of your own kitchen and, in fact, we recommend you make both at the same time – a sip of each will enhance the taste of the other, as you will see.

To make the Vodcari, simply add one part of decent vodka (keep it Russian, please – none of that artsy-fartsy Scandinavian bilge water) and two parts of that amazing originally Japanese product that goes under the name of Pocari Sweat. It’s important that you don’t drink it too cold – room temperature is fine, don’t even think of adding ice! Mix it up a bit and there you go. Add a glacé cherry if you think you must.


The Gintoxígenada is a bit trickier. Take 150cc of nice dry gin – again, nothing pretentious – and very carefully add a thimbleful of hydrogen peroxide. This is what we call agua oxígenada here in Spain. Add a twist of lemon and a couple of grains of black pepper and the whole thing will start to fizz and go a funny colour. Be careful not to move it at all for a few minutes. In fact, you can leave it in the fridge for about 5 minutes. Then it’s ready to enjoy.




–          Heen and Sheen, XXX    


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