Cinéma Vérité

Her New Friends

It was only several months later, when Soraya faced a battery of eager photographers flash click flash, that she remembered the impression that the film had made on her, to such an extent that she was unable to recall even the title, so moved had she been after the drama or rather the depiction of the drama, transported to somewhere and something almost akin to envy which crystallized into words that fused together to make the question: WHY CAN’T THAT BE ME?

The plot of the film had been flimsy and the artistic merits none, but the production was exquisite and luxuriating and Soraya felt, irredeemably, that she HAD to belong to that fantasy world of gorgeous lingerie and breathtaking loveliness.

Six months of crippling diet, day-long sessions at grueling gyms and bootcamps and hairdressers, not to mention the outrageous number of surgical interventions at the most renowned-yet-affordable beauty clinics, plus life savings spent on “meeting the right people”, “being in the right place at the right time” and generally gate-crashing just about any soirée of note on either side of the Atlantic, had been enough for Soraya Campos to be accepted to model for Victoria’s Secret on the Pasarela Zaragozana.

In the front row, Heen and Sheen Martínez sat agog, transfixed by the metamorphosis of their friend. Soraya had been virtually a third twin at times – neo-sister to Sheen and neo-lover to Heen, confidante and accomplice of both, on and off, lately rather more off than on as she re-set her career compass and began to focus more or less exclusively on the beauty business as a viable profession.

Modeling was, notwithstanding, soon to become merely a stepping stone as the shimmering destiny of Soraya Campos seemed to soar to new heights, as this evening acclaimed film director Alejandro Amenábar was to shoot material for a docudrama based on her meteoric transformation from an overweight, unwashed COU-dropout/couch potato (a couch she shared with a bottle of vodka, a bag of Rufles de Matutano, a pack of Ducados and a stinking cat) to one of the most desired creatures in the Solar System.

Amenábar impersonates Adrian Monk

Amenábar watched, detachedly you might say, as Soraya’s newly-lengthened legs gracefully took her to the end of the cat walk where she dazzled one and all with a smile which managed to be sizzling, sweet and sultry, all at the same time.

Heen shook his head in disbelief. This was the girl he could have made his soulmate.

It has to come to this. She has come to this, he thought.

And several months later, as he watched the film on TV, late at night, when the house was silent and empty and dark, he slowly sipped the bitterest whisky he had ever drunk, put the glass back carefully on the table, picked up his revolver, put it between his teeth as if to bite the end off a cigar, closed his eyes and

Cut! Alejandro clapped. Good job, boys. Heen, nice stuff. OK, take five.


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