See You in Samarra!

… So anyways I make my way to Samarra. I never like to be late for my appointments, and I had a long ride from Baghdad, so, straight after breakfast I saddled my horse and set off. The journey was uneventful, my horse had done this trip several times in the past few months so I was able to relax, do some useful daydreaming and, above all, reflect on how I was going to visit the merchant’s servant that night. I always use the word “visit” – there’s no point in scaring people.


I got to Samarra just after sunset. I get myself a bite to eat and settle down in a small alleyway next to the market where I figure the servant will be hanging out. It dawned on me just then that I’d never even bothered to find out the guy’s name. Oh well, it was just a job.


He seemed kind of flustered when he came round the corner, dead on time.


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  1. Posted by samsinu f hbbbznxiwoie on April 28, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Ha ha! Very clever! I love you guys


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