Heen urgently says:

Whooooah…………. Minutino, minutino………… Allow me to pounce in here and reply to my twin sister’s latest ravings. What on earth was she thinking of……… Lana del Rey……….. those new meds are playing havoc with her ghirioch….. Just as well I got wind… Oh it’s not easy being a twin…… si yo te contara…

Right. Well. Sheen is obviously more than entitled to her opinions, faltaría más. But to broadcast them in this way… I mean… to bullhorn her ill-gotten musings… I could withdraw them, I could axe her views, censor her writings, delete her post, but then what… No, I shan’t be a party to that.

I just want to say that Sheen has become rather narrow-minded of late. She is swerving towards a blinkered outlook on life, and her tastes are shrivelling towards the weak and the paltry.

Sheen isn’t wrong. What she says is true. For her. Today. But there is a bigger truth. And that’s what I’m here to talk about.

She can waffle about Lana del Rey all she likes but she is blotting out the sun with her little finger. I offer you Sharon Cuneta.

And here we go. Sheen sinks into the most vulgar ethnocentricism when she lauds Lana. I know, she knows, we all know that what Lana del Rey would most like is to reach the heights of Sharon Cuneta.

Go anywhere in South East Asia and mention the word “Sharon” and they know who you’re talking about. If there were ever a living legend, it is she. Her job description in her native Philippines is “Megastar”. She has made dozens of films and records. Compared with her, Jennifer Lopez is a puny amateur. True, she has Aretha-ed out since I first made her acquaintance in the early 90’s, but she is a monster. Yeah, J-Lo is big, Whitney (pbuh) was huge, but hell, you can see Sharon Cuneta from outer space. Keep your Adeles and your Lanas, please… we’re talking enormous here.

So I offer you the chance to bask in her amazingness. I could have (and probably will) pointed you in the direction of Runa Laila or Teresa Teng, but there will be an occasion for them in the coming months.

Sia, Wild Belle and Lana del Rey all have their place. But it’s all about perspective. Perspective is everything.

Mahal Kitang!

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