Restless in Paradise

I don’t suppose for one minute and by that I don’t mean a New York minute whatever that is it sounds like a steak or something no wait I think I.

Any road up I want to talk about some singers I think I like quite a lot but not enough to recommended by various sources of note I am not suggesting you aim to enjoy what I say here here.

I will start by mentioning Lana del Rey for no better reason she is on my short list is best defined by the way she has become popular and unpopular at the same thing happens once in a blue moon.

So this is Lana del Rey who reminds me of a goldfish. I don’t like her voice and I don’t like her songs but the overall package well of course it’s a package and very nicely packaged it is a product they could have made 20 yrs ago if they had known how (and why) and 40yrs ago if they had been paying attention to the future is never what you expect. The King’s Wool, indeed. She was born to die if you believe what she has to say here :

I will continue in this vein runs down the side of my skull I sometimes suspect I can feel it throbbing no no now now don’t get all psychosomatic on methinks that Wild Belle is a sound feature and deserves greater acclaim if only for the timbre is that the word I want which rings like a copper tubular bell of her voice obviously I’m talking about her voice. Somebody mentioned Althea and Donna no way you are very wrong more like Lucy Chino now sadly forgotten what I was talking about. Tuck into this. It will “keep you” busy for an idle while you.

Have I mentioned Sia is moving on up there once you get used to like her then I went off her then I started liking her again and again. Again you need to pay attention where attention is due and it’s all about the little things make the world go round like money and wars and faithfulness and derision seeping out of the crack her mouth becomes as she bites her lip. Crack! Crack! It’s like a whip. Have you changed since then? I know fine well that I.

That’s enough is enough and more besides.

I am on a diet and I have lost a lot of weight off my mind you, you would never notice because I’m always as fraught as anything. Being me is all about me, though, isn’t it. H’mmmm…. SHEEN MARTINEZ LOVES YOU

More than she loves herself, anyway.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Hermann Hismann on March 3, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Peculiar selection. Dubious taste. Questionable videos. Yeah, ok, I quite liked it.


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