The Blessings in Disguise

Nhu's Week


To leave my cell on a Wednesday, not return until Saturday, for warm rolls with soft cheese, and know I have outfoxed your Madame Nhu, for a start.


Dodging all manner of how’s your father on the Ho Chi Minh trail, whilst notching up a treble word score and getting shot of that Q, hey, that’ll do nicely.


Sink back, lush hair scuffing against the antimacassar, arms stretched and resting, celebrating the Tet offensive with a pint of Guinness, ah to be young again.

It's off to work we go


He wasn’t even sure he was still alive, as he woke up in slow motion and pushed the door open and saw everything was brighter than it had ever been. He wanted to cry out and couldn’t. This wasn’t the first blessing in disguise he’d been granted.



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