All Because I Love You

Accept no imitations


Sheen says :

Hi there, my lovelies. As 2011 grinds to a close, I thought it was a good moment to reflect on those things which rile us, that which we detest, etc. We have put up with it for at least a year and in many cases much longer and there comes a point, doesn’t there.

So, with no further ado about nothing, let me kick off with swans. God, I hate swans. They get away with murder and I don’t know if it’s the work of Hans Christian Andersen or Danny Kaye or what, but it appears that swans get carte blanche when they ought to be getting life. Just look at their sneaky eyes, their arrogant neck, their nouveau riche plumage… White swans are bad enough, but those black ones really take the biscuit – pretentious, hypocritical, reactionary… yeeuch.

Second place on my List Of Loathing (LOL) goes to instant coffee. Actually, this is really about the people who drink the stuff; I shouldn’t blame the beverage itself, ah well, what the hell, I hate it too. That taste of ash, that thin chalky acrid scour as it forces its way down the esophagus… Why bother, honestly, why bother. 2012 could so easily be the year that all that stinky poison that comes in glass jars is banned once and for all.

And rounding off my hating rating is Downton Abbey. This appalling nonsense has become a huge commercial success, a critics’ delight and a popular favourite, which just goes to show that the world of entertainment has gone to the dogs. It is touted as a “period drama series” and is even spoken of in the same breath as Brideshead Revisited but obviously some dolts have chosen to overlook the fact that Brideshead is art and Downton is otherwise. This sorry TV show is a foul pastiche of a period drama. Plot and artistry take a back seat, and costume and cliché take over. Sumptuous it may be, to be sure, but lacking all artistic merit.

Is good taste dead? Sigh.

oooh I can just smell that coffee


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