Easter Bunny Curry, pt 2

I woke up in Hi Chi Minh City and thought it was still Saigon, just like when I woke up in Benidorm and thought it was Leeds.

The only thing on my mind was a small piece of yellowing paper with barely decipherable lettering that seemed to be making some oblique reference to either a recipe for rabbit curry or a list of demands of the Eritrean Liberation Council (ML) from their last summit meeting with the county council. I took it to be the former.

[She took me to be a farmer and swore she had no objection to ploughing, winnowing and sewing a fine seam. I broke into “On The Inside” by Jethro Tull : “Can you cook? Can you sew? Well, I don’t want to know”. Our betrothal was stillborn.]

It has always struck me as a bit of a shame that rabbits haven’t featured highly on menus from curry houses. We seem to be snubbing them. Their flesh is terse and fat-free, no cholesterol to speak of, nothing naughty at all going on, just honest white meat… surely the star ingredient for any Bollywood snack? But, alas, when did you ever see a bunny biriyani? Rabbit kadai? It doesn’t happen, does it. Or rather, it hasn’t… until today!

Here we go, folks! It’s Easter! It’s time to vindicate the rabbit in Indian cuisine!

It is with immense pride that we offer these two recipes in conjunction with “Chettinadu Chicken Mansion” (Cochin) and “Hungry Bandit” (Chennai) – two South Indian eateries we cannot fail to urge you avoid like the plague.

First off, we have the Tandoori Rabbit Surprise. This is basically a grilled affair, after you’ve soaked your rabbit (or sewer rat, it says here…) in reddish gunge and then you serve it on a plate that is way too big, with a rocket salad and wild basmati rice. Yeah, right. Sounds crap.

Then there’s the Crispy Creamy Rabbit Korma. You will need a whole load of butter and tomato puree and weird stuff like asafetida and cardamom but hey, the result is spectacular. I wish I could post the complete recipe here, but it’s copyrighted, can you believe. Drop me a line and I’ll send it to you.

And we’re almost in May, the month of the flowers. I feel a garland coming on. Oooh, yeah, garland, garland, aloha baby, drape this bouquet around me, feel the petals, oh yeah, flower power, all the way. No, wait, hang on, I was in Saigon, holding this thought, fondling this chit, this snatch of paper, this … it was a recipe, after all…Was it a mission? Was that what I was in for?  I tucked into my tiffin and the faintest of smiles emerged from amidst the creases.

I am in love with life.———— Sheen XXX

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nhu Tu Yu on May 2, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Heen
    Before you go about your mission, let me steer you to the Hungry Bunny restaurant in Nizwa, Oman, where they serve a dazzling “Rabbit Heart Vindaloo”, as much as you can eat for next to nothing. Eat your heart out, as the bishop said to the actress.


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