Easter Bunny Curry, pt 1

I'm So Hungry

Me being the proprietor of a catering firm

Supplying subcontinental dishes

Or, to use another, more accessible, term:

Indian food, as per the punters’ wishes,

At this time of the calendar year, Easter curries,

When I’m in such a frazzled state…

(You get the wrong masala, well, I’m sorry, mate,

It’s like the least o’ my worries…)

I’m sure the Easter Bunny pushed the stone aside three days later,

Sat down at his impeccable plastic table and cried, “Waiter!,

I’ll have the chicken jalfrezi

And, if you don’t mind, go easy

On the MSG”

The waiter grinned, winked and was gone.

My future was in his hands.

He vanished without trace, (later turned up in Saigon*)

While the Bunny launched into a grim and sorry dance:

The Tango of Confused Desire

Your Wish is My Command

Your Desire is My Confusion

Your Command is My Tango

Your Confusion is My Wish




(*Please hold this thought)

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