Holistic Bicycle Maintenance

Maybe you’ve noticed that your bicycle has been behaving sluggishly of late. As the hot summer weather begins to engulf us and our metabolism has to adjust, so it is with our bikes. Just think about those tyres, swollen with the hot summer air; the metal fatigue on those handlebars; the saddle sweating and straining to keep comfortable…

We tend to overlook these things, obsessed as we are with our own well-being and prone to ignore the condition of our faithful companions – dogs, bicycles, spouses, whatever.

One approach to Holistic Bicycle Maintenance which is taking off in a big way is Yoga for Bicycles, aka Boga. Here at Zaragoza Twins, we have been looking into this method with a view to enhancing our bikes’ health, and the results of our investigations have been suitably positive for us to start our very own Centro de Biciyoga here in Zaragoza.

Now, it’s very easy to be cynical about boga. Yoga is a way of life, and we are not suggesting your bicycle need embrace the philosophical or shall we say the metaphysical aspect (what is commonly known as Raja Yoga), but rather, we should be concentrating on Pranava and Hatha Yoga, that is, in our context, breathing techniques and posture.

At Biciyoga, we teach simple techniques to enable your bicycle to expand its thorax, which will probably coincide with its chrome/aluminium frame. Think of the pedals as your bike’s heart. As you exert pressure on them, setting the chain in motion, you are pumping oxygen into the beast. Your bicycle breathes with your leg power. Don’t forget this as you ride. Don’t just push hard on the pedals, but rather, press firmly, encouraging that steely axis to rotate harmoniously. Not only will you arrive at your destination earlier, you will be doing your bicycle no end of good, and she will respond accordingly. Feel the warm response as you pedal. Your bike should know that you care for her.

There are several useful asanas for your bicycle as she lies dormant. Please don’t just leave the thing untidily leaning against a wall or worse, dropped on the ground! Ideally, the front wheel should be set at an angle (both soothing and stimulating) of about 30º, away from the nearest hard surface. This will align the inner energy of your bike with its natural kinetic potential. Another very interesting way of boosting your bike’s inner self is by inverting her cyclopolarity; this can be achieved by standing her on what would be her head, were we to anthropomorphise our beloved machine. At a pinch, we can simply prop her up on the saddle and the handlebars, but then we run the risk of lesions to her cutis, at best unsightly and at worst a source of infections and disease. The best solution is to opt for a Transcendental Bike Inverter (TBI) – a mechanism which cradles our bicycle in a diametric upside down position, offering full support to her shaky frame as she recharges her cosmic energy. Try this during a full moon and you will be amazed at the results.

As your bicycle meditates in this way, play restful music such as Rachmaninov’s Sonata For A Bicycle in D flat or Sailing by Rod Stewart.  

Boga is fully compatible with the seemingly-ludicrous ideas of Michael Shermanski’s Feng Shui on Wheels, and open to anybody regardless of their religious beliefs. We do recommend, however, that you put your bicycle in safe and trusted hands. Unfortunately, there are far too many unscrupulous so-called “bicycle therapists” out there. (Yes, I’m thinking of Heather Watt’s nonsensical book The Bike Whisperer and the guidelines laid down by the Muslim Council for Wheeled Vehicles in their November 2009 fatwa entitled It Should Be A Camel.)

 Always check that your boga guru is accredited with the International Yoga For Bicycles Council, or the Fédération Internationale de Vélo-yoga, or the World Boga Circle, or something like that. If you’re not sure, give us a call here at the Zaragoza Twins Centro de Biciyoga and we’ll set you right.


For further reading:

Yoga and Your Bicycle, Swamananda Diavananda, Lovely Publishing Company, Calcutta, 2008.

Boga For Beginners, Swami Raymond McPérez, Heartfelt Books, Baghdad, 2010

The official websites:




And one curious blog you might care to look at: www.bloggify.yogabikeme.com

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  1. Posted by Sherry on July 20, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you so much!!!!! I have been looking for something like this for months!!! You guys are great!!! My bikes are soooooooooooo happy now!!!! We love BOGA!!!! We love ZARAGOZATWINS!!!!


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