Breaking Glass

In the last three months I have accidentally broken four glasses.

Three of these glasses were empty.

One contained orange juice which went all over.

The glasses that were empty shattered in dozens of little pieces.

The one that had the juice in broke in just three places.

Does orange juice hold glass together?

The noise made by the empty glasses breaking was tinny and crunchy.

The noise made by the orange juice glass breaking was plummy and comforting.

It took me a long time to pick up all of the broken bits.

I keep finding tiny little shards.

I don’t know which glass they correspond to.

From now on I will be very careful with glasses.

I don’t want to break any more.

For “glasses” read “hearts”.

For “orange juice” read “love”.

My apologies to all concerned.

–         Heen Martínez, 2010


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