One Year On



Heen and I had been thinking how we were going to celebrate the first anniversary of the Zaragoza Twins Blog, and as we couldn’t decide what to do, we decided not to do anything.

I was in favour of a massive party. I was going to invite all our old friends plus all the new ones we’ve made thanks to our blogging experience, but the logistics were scary and the prospect of confronting so many weirdoes was a bit offputting.

Heen would have liked to set fire to something. He has a strange pyromaniac streak and his celebrations usually involve candles, at least, and bonfires given the chance. He was toying with the idea of carefully pouring oil into the River Ebro and setting it alight; fortunately, he saw the error of his ways and realised that it would have disastrous ecological consequences.

By the way, he actually cremated his copy of The Tale of Genji when he had finished it. He has a friend who works at the local crematorium and a few weeks ago, they dealt with Genji in a very Heenish way. He chewed a couple of umeboshi and hummed the soundtrack of “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” as the flames did their work. Since then, he has never wanted to talk about the book. I tell you, my twin is high maintenance.

Anyway, we invited a few friends over and had a few bottles of Somontano wine. We laughed about some of the posts we’d written and commented on the statistics. It’s funny what draws people to other people’s blogs, it really is. We (Heen and I and our friends) all agreed that the best stuff we’d written were my write up of “Cría cuervos” and the tale of how we converted Soraya into Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m not going to tell you what our most popular post has been, lest that should sway the statistics, but whatever, we’re very happy that our blog has proved to be so popular.

The evening was, inevitably, tinged with a certain nostalgia. My plans to emigrate are still intact, and shortly after the summer I will be living alone, thousands of miles from my twin brother. It’s for the best. Heen will continue to live in this house, on the outskirts of Zaragoza, and obviously we will be in touch, but we’re not sure what will happen to this blog. Apparently, most blogs have a life of about three weeks, so this one has already shown its staying power.

Come September, when I’m living in my home, miles away from the nearest glimmer of civilisation, I may feel the urge to blog, either on my own or still with Heen, but my immediate plans are to submerge myself in a new culture so completely that I doubt there is room for blogging.

Heen isn’t happy with my leaving. He won’t say so, of course, but I know he’s pissed off that I’ve decided to go away and do my own thing.

You might be wondering where I’m emigrating to. I am reluctant to reveal my destination, however. I will let you know once I’m there. And it’s not Mongolia, by the way.

Anyway. I would like to propose a toast to this blog, to everybody who has posted a comment and to everybody who has ever had a look at it.

PLEASE don’t think this is the final post. No way. I’ll be here for a few more months, and there’ll be plenty of time for more scurrilous balderdash, which has made this website what it is today. As Heen said in his speech when Zaragoza Twins’s Blog won the “Most Incredibly Wonderful And Excellent Blog Of The Year” award last March in Cardiff, “Blogging is like a shark – it has to move forward or it moves sideways.”

Iechyd da!

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