Aquí mismo, por ejemplo

Aquí mismo, por ejemplo

Sheen says:


I’m thinking of emigrating. I want to go and live in a place where nobody has ever heard of The Tale of Genji or the economic crisis.


I still indulge Heen in our reading Genji, and it is getting so boring I keep wishing somebody would get struck by lightning, and I hope I don’t have to wait till April. I’m sure Heen finds it boring, too; he just pretends to enjoy it, but really he doesn’t give a damn about all these creepy people, the Commander, the Haven, His Cloistered Eminence, the Lady in the East Wing, the Heir Apparent, etc., and more than once I’ve caught him out for mixing up some of Genji’s lady friends.


Why on earth did the author not give her characters names? It’s all “that gentleman”, “the lady”, “the prince’s favourite”, “her daughter”, or they’re referred to by bizarre references to plants and flowers I’ve never heard of. Who is whose son? I don’t know and I don’t care.


And what a life they had, those people. They spend all their time and energy playing obscure musical instruments, composing poetry and admiring the cherry blossom when they’re not fornicating or planning how to fornicate or regretting not having fornicated when they had the chance.


Soraya soon abandoned her role as maiko and purposefully avoids us when our reading sessions take place. She’s decided to become an economic advisor to the Spanish government and spends most of her time reading articles from the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal now that her English is up to it. Then she gives me lectures on Keynes. I sometimes think she has become a toxic asset.


I want to go to a place where nobody will talk to me about courtly love in medieval Japan; where credit crunch is a breakfast cereal; where there are happy smiling people who will just leave me alone, and not too many of them, either.


I’m scouring the atlas and wondering about Mongolia.


I’m sorry. March hasn’t been a good month for me.



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  1. Posted by Adolphine on March 24, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Don’t do it, Sheen. I spent two weeks in Mongolia and found thirteen people who could quote from The Tale of Genji.


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