It Dilutes Your Blood!!



Sheen says: Seeing as how Heen mentioned the possibility of drinking water while watching “L’Âge d’Or”,  I want to take the opportunity to chide people who carry a little bottle of mineral water around with them at all time. I noticed this here in Zaragoza about ten years ago, and supposed that tourists had been scared into believing that the local tap water was undrinkable or that local bars and shops didn’t sell water. But now the phenomenon has grown to unthinkable proportions and it would seem that 90% of the population of the Western world is terrified of dehydrating at any moment; otherwise reasonable adults never leave their house without their little plastic bottle of water and take urgent sips as though they were traversing the Empty Quarter. What is the matter with these people??


I think I can trace it back to the scandalous claims by some multinational beverage company that humans should drink two litres of water a day. This is absolute balderdash. Two litres a day is enough for a whole village in many parts of the world. Maybe there are some frighteningly incontinent people who lose two litres a day through their urethra, and I suppose some people sweat so copiously that they need to replace their liquid levels to this outrageous degree but, come on, surely most people don’t need to drink so much water. Look at your parents, look at your grandparents: did they lug bottles of water around as though their life depended on it? And even if we should drink more water than they did, do we need it to be portable? Can’t we get it from drinking fountains, taps, glasses of water in bars and cafés? Have we become so distrustful that we have to have our own water?


I know some of you aren’t going to believe this, but there is even mineral water specially for dogs. Click here if your pooch is feeling left out:


And don’t get me started on all this designer water, agua de autor, indeed, which can set you back more than 100€ a bottle. It’s hydrogen and oxygen, for crying out loud, it’s the stuff you flush your toilets with, it’s what falls from the clouds and runs into the sea.


You pay 100€ for a bottle of “eau de cloudburst de Maunalua” and I hope you drown.


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