Transcript From Ward 32



What follows is a literal transcription of the events in Ward 32, Hospital General de Zaragoza, starting at 14:56h, Tuesday 30 December 2008.

Sound technicians: Soraya Campos, Alfredo Muntaner.

Transcription: Heen Martínez, Sheen Martínez, Soraya Campos.

Acknowledgements to Dr. Jorge Pérez Salvatierra, Dr. Pablo Muñoz Serra, Srta. Lourdes Minifaldez.

Thanks also to all staff, patients and well-wishers at Hospital General de Zaragoza.



Dr. Muñoz (PM): …. (unclear)

Soraya Campos (SC): She’s moving! I saw her move!

PM: It’s just a reflex movement, it’s… (unclear)

SC: No, really, she’s moving! Look!

Heen Martínez (HM): The doctor’s right, Soraya, she’s… (unclear) Take it easy.

PM: Sheen, Sheen… Can you hear me?

Dr. Pérez (JP): It’s useless, doctor… (unclear) false alarm.

HM: It’s OK, Soraya, it’s OK.

SC: But I saw her move!

PM: Yes, maybe she moved… (unclear) mean a thing, she’s in a very deep coma.

Nurse Minifaldez (LM): It’s OK, Miss, don’t worry, these things happen. It looks like she’s waking up but she’s just not ready yet.

SC: But she’s been like this for weeks! (sobbing)

HM: Come on, Soraya, be strong.

SC: (unclear) I know, I saw… (unclear) She’s, she’s…(unclear)

JP: I think we ought to leave her for a while.

HM: Leave her? (unclear) don’t give a damn, do you! That’s my (unclear) twin sister lying there!

PM: Heen, please, we’re doing all we can.

LM: Come on, everybody (unclear)

SC: There’s no way I’m leaving Sheen like this… (unclear)

HM: Come on, Soraya, maybe… (unclear) later on, you’ve got to get some rest now, you haven’t slept for days.

SC: Well neither have you.

PM: Let’s all just leave her nice and quiet. Maybe in a few hours she’ll…

LM: Doctor!

SC: She moved again!

LM: You’re right! That wasn’t just a reflex… (unclear)

PM: Nurse, would you mind just…

HM: Sheen! Sheen!

SC: She’s coming round!

PM: Sheen! Can you hear me?

JP: Sheen? Are you with us?

SC: Of course she’s with us, ***hole!

HM: Sheen! Open your eyes! (unclear)

LM: No! Don’t open your eyes! Try to move your head.

SC: Oh my God, Heen! She’s moving!

JP: Very good, Sheen… (unclear) hear us, we’re all here with you.

HM: Sheen!!! (sobbing)

JP: Soraya, take your hands off her!

LM: Soraya, please, keep away from the patient.

JP: Can you move your lips? Can you… (unclear)

PM: Try to open your mouth, Sheen.

SC: Sheen! Oh my God! I love you!

LM: Heen, can you… (unclear) Soraya?

SC: She’s alive, Heen! She’s alive!

HM: Calm down, will you? Sheen! Say something!

PM: Gently, Sheen, take your time.

JP: Come on, Sheen, you can do it.

LM: Come on, Sheen.

HM: Sheen!

LM: Don’t shout at her… (unclear) when she’s ready.

Sheen Martínez (SM): Nnnnnnggggg…..

SC: Sheen!

HM: Sheen!

JP: Come on, good girl, you’re getting there.

PM: (unclear)

JP: Try again.

LM: Heen, move away, let her breathe.

SC: Come on, Sheen!!

SM: Nnnggg… nnnggg… I can’t (unclear)

HM: Come on, Sheen, you can do it!

JP: Heen, please move away from her, you’re stressing her.

LM: Take it easy, Heen, (unclear) going to be OK.

SM: Heen… Soraya… I don’t (unclear)

SC: Oh my God! Sheen! (sobbing)

JP: Take your time.

PM: Don’t exert yourself.

LM: Come on now, Sheen.

SM: I… I… Where… where am I?

HM: It’s OK, Sheen, it’s OK.

SC: We’re all here with you, Sheeny baby, we’re… (unclear)

SM: Heen? Is that (unclear)

HM: I’m here, Sheen, I’m by your side.

PM: You’re going to be OK, Sheen. Just take it easy.

SC: Sheen! Sheen! Oh my God! (unclear)

SM: Soraya… I knew you would (unclear)

SC: I’m here, baby, I’m here! (sobbing)

LM: Soraya, come on, calm down.

SM: But… I… where am I?

HM: You’re in hospital, Sheen. But it’s going to be OK. You’re… (unclear)

SC: Sheen! (sobs)

SM: What… what’s the matter with… Soraya…

SC: Nothing! I’m just so (unclear)

JP: You’ve been in a coma, Sheen, but you’re out of it now.

PM: Don’t exert yourself.

HM: You’re OK, Sheen, everything’s going to be OK.

SM: Coma?

JP: That’s right. You’ve been in a coma but you’re waking up now.

PM: How do you feel?

SM: I feel… I feel… I don’t know… tired… I just… (unclear)

PM: That’s all right. Just take it easy. It’s going to… (unclear) but in a few minutes you’ll… (unclear)

SC: Sheen! (sobbing) Oh my God! I thought you’d gone for ever! I thought we’d (unclear)

LM: Shhhh, Soraya, it’s OK now. Heen, can you… (unclear)

SM: Uh? Oh yes, right. Soraya, come here… there, there, it’s going to be OK…


SC: Oh, Heen, she’s back! She’s come back!


HM: Everything’s going to be OK, Soraya.

SM: Everything’s going… (unclear)…. I thought…

LM: Take it easy, Sheen.

SM: But I thought… Heen, weren’t you in Greenland?

HM: What?

SM: You were in jail, in Greenland. I visited you there!

SC: Greenland?

HM: Er… (unclear) coma for a long time, Sheen.

SM: Yes, but… Do the right thing, remember?

HM: (laughing) What??

SM: Spike Lee… Fight the power…

HM: What are you talking about?

SM: And… and… Soraya! How come you’re…?

SC: I’m here, Sheen, always with you.

SM: Yes, but… Sonic?

SC: What?

SM: Sonic… (unclear) hedgehog.

SC: (unclear) Sonic the hedgehog? What the **** are you on about, baby?

SM: I thought… I thought… I could have sworn… (unclear)

LM: Come on, that’s enough, you two, you’re exhausting her.

SM: No, wait, I need to…

HM: Just relax for a bit, Sheen, you’re not (unclear)

SM: But… you mean… Sonic? Greenland?

SC: What the **** are you talking about, Sheeny baby?

SM: Heen! You turned Soraya into a hedgehog and then got arrested by the Greenland police! And then there was Spike Lee, he… (unclear)

JP: OK, OK, that’s quite enough. Sheen, take it easy, here, drink some of this and lie down. See if you can just sleep for a while. Heen and Soraya, come on, let’s go, you can see her again in an hour or so.

SM: Wait! Wait!

HM: Take it easy, Sheen. Maybe you’ve just been having nightmares.

SC: You dreamt that I was Sonic the hedgehog? Now that is one sick nightmare, baby. You could have made me Lara Croft, at least!

SM: (unclear)

HM: (laughing)

SC: What are you laughing at?

HM: No, no, nothing.

SM: So it was all just a dream…

HM: It was all a dream.

SM: None of this really happened, then.

HM: Only in your dreams.

SC: But Heen kissed me.

HM: I never did!

SC: Yes, you did! I’ve got this recorded!

HM: In your dreams!


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