The Somontano Monkey Speaks For The Last Time


(If you STILL don’t know what this is about, have a look at the SOMONTANO MONKEY page. And, as I remarked before, this will be the last of the suras, for want of a better word, of His Monkeyness as a result of the ghastly experience I had in Colungo recently. I shall, however, be willing to share His wisdom with anybody who wishes to contact me personally via the “comments” box following this post. It should be noted that what follows is no more than a vague semantic approximation of the words of the Somontano Monkey as expressed to me on that fateful day we returned to His “patria chica”. I apologise for any apparent incoherence, but prefer not to attempt any analysis.)


O people, hear me before we die:


Thirteen sentinels distrust the maiden aged lightning side by side upheaval crimson wastes of cholestemic annoyance nudged towards orbits unsounded vehemence by opacity. It is the incense of the rose in the orchard. Stalemate slumbers, wretched hand-wringing instead of muted gasps of recognition wherein the poisoned snail of reason plods alongside the dense furrows of guacamole. Torment not the ashen owls, for theirs is the kingdom of bewilderment.


Dancing, balancing, bewitching, cringing and clinging to the hula-hoops of anarchistic tawdriness, ye shall reap the fruits of the day after tomorrow’s cheese-like yearning for the vile impossibility of repentance, and turgid mammary glands will thrust backwards and inwards lest ye visit those bleak shrines in purple obeisance astride a twice-sacrificed mule, which ye should call Elmer. Or Sheryl if it’s a female.


Flounder endogenous phalange back strict award feeling some unbeliever imbued evil drive mercy heavens denied herald peace have riches humility righteous strayed found debarred crooked swiftly creation labours earned long to be nothing winds barren soil revelations haughty threaten dwellings chaste people loose punishment made only people counsel my tribe remember invented admonition imperial endowed names good shower sent banister sweet sorrow three regained embraced parents gracious stirred you implore news will wrong judgement leave known grief oppressed despair unravelled because we all make mistakes.


The day will surely come when they pay no heed in private in provided among others wherever a dumb man alone equal sends return power over thanks by the final hour under our bounty idols behold forsaken property of the evocation.


Thereupon she conceived a sight virtuous answer emissary in childbirth gave sign awaiting spoken in jest. Baseless sorcery, recited by starving minstrels neither because their actions weep as a sanctuary in greater error I will follow it, undoubtedly. The reward and the pain and the redemption and the justification are one. The recitation and the mystery and the climb to the top are one. The conduct and the exemption of the conduct are one. Generations forged in guidance where you please, yielding affront in seven angles.


Behold the scorpion of arrogance, on a straight path running merciful rejected at first their way give news when recalled powerless in the face of evil except the other nations and mighty, watching over all his servants cast out confirming the truth submit just the verdict from the germ lower regions decrees such a thing, giving life back to the rotten bones. Delight soft easy deep white dull, as the eggs of ostriches. And he called for his fiddlers, three.


On the pyre willing delivered scourge charm were later and was blessed in spite of himself dreamt ancient household eagerly summoned return was think you be all of thus up his eyes sick lifted supreme to every man.


Apostles nitrogen created warning a thick and crunchy veil stands between shameful out than the days fearful heed but a mortal tide forgive alone proved to be of no avail whatsoever signal rivers of honey hypocritical leave knowledge hearts as their unaware women forthright mentioned locks matters deduction of the penalty ponder war inspired abhor back follow bend near together shift burglar peasant slave vulgarity courteous speech and tiramisu is no deity overtake surely doom resemblance for the upper hand show the malice hide the chalice living next door to Alice. Sumptuous valiant recognize promptly very little desire, put to the proof such guard against fiendishness amidst the panthers.


Feeble-hearted equitable beige dowries I shall vomit into the hovels of sight light subsequent curdling upon much as to one thing leads to another, and thereby hangs a tale, odious, cuddly, oblong and misconstrued in this terrible life wholly accountable seized as best ye can and, o people, we will die not because we are dying but because we are living and yet we are not dying because we are living.


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