I’m in love with Sarah Palin

Heen says: As far as I can make out, I was one of the few non-Alaskans who knew who Sarah was up until John McCain appointed her as his running mate in the US elections. About a year ago I was browsing American senators on the Internet for some obscure reason (well, it makes a change from Japanese models) and I stumbled across her profile. Blimey, I thought, what a novelesque character. She seemed to have all the qualifications for the perfect classic reactionary American politician. And when I learned she was a NRA member and then found out that her children have got names like Track and Bristol, I knew I’d uncovered something special. By the time I read that she’d come second in the Miss Alaska competition in 1984, I was already her biggest fan.


And then I saw her face… now I’m a believer!


Supporting oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, cutting back social services, lacking any political experience, revealing delightful ignorance of the world, taking advantage of her position to get people sacked that she doesn’t like… that’s my Sarah! What a babe!


McCain got a lot of stick when he stumbled over the identity of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister, thinking he might be some Latin American leftist trouble-maker, but Sarah Palin wouldn’t have had such doubts: Shoot on sight, ask questions later! And the same goes for any woman who wants an abortion, strikers who demand better working conditions, and Arabs and ecologists in general.


Those glasses, that hairdo, those skirts… the perfect wrapping for a product that could only have been dreamt up in Hollywood. She knows just how to pose, how to smile, how to use cutesy little expressions like “doggone” and “darn right”, representing the quintessential corniness of America that we Europeans go all gooey at the knees over.


Opinion polls don’t look too good for the Republicans right now, so maybe Sarah won’t get into the White House after all. All I can say is, if she ever chooses to run for mayoress of Zaragoza, she need look no further for a campaign chairman.


¡Tía buena!    


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