Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung und Spinat

Well, it didn’t happen, did it. Soraya and I crossed our fingers, lit votive candles to the Virgen del Pilar and sent umpteen letters to the editors of God knows how many Swedish and Croatian newspapers, but we couldn’t reach the magic figure of 500 references to “spinach”, which would have qualified Soraya to have her own page within our Zaragoza Twins blog.


It’s a shame but it’s not the end of the world. It was disappointing but not distressing. Actually, I think I was more upset than Soraya. She has been very philosophical about the whole thing (more Schopenhauer than Heidegger;) and has taken some solace in the fact that she has discovered a Croatian newspaper called “Feral” which she feels she has some affinity with, despite not understanding a word it says. Here, take a look: http://feral.mediaturtle.com/look/weekly1/section3.tpl?IdLanguage=7&IdPublication=1&NrArticle=18251&NrIssue=1185&NrSection=16


Out of the goodness of my heart, Heen has consented to granting Soraya an occasional post. This will be in Spanish and will come with an English translation. Heen has reserved the right to veto anything he finds “too compromising”. As I write these lines, Soraya is composing what will be her first post. Again, my fingers are well and truly crossed…


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