Ja mata ne, Earthlings!!

It’s holiday time, folks, and Sheen and I are off to Mars! It was a terrific offer, one not to be missed, on a secret Israeli mission to explore the galaxy, and they had a couple of seats left on their rocket. One of those last minute things you just stumble across on the net, you know how it is. Apparently the Mossad is convinced it’s worth setting up a base or a cell or whatever they call it on the planet at a location that obviously I can’t reveal. We’re going to be dumped there with a bunch of Hasidic spies who will spend most of their time disguised as rocks, while Sheen and I can wander around, see the sights, buy a few souvenirs, take photos, the usual. Now that the NASA has found water there, the Israelis want to be the first to get their hands on it, presumably so that they can sell it (at literally astronomically high prices) as mineral water to deranged Americans once they’ve experimented on Palestinian prisoners. They reckon it’ll take them about ten days to accomplish their fiendish mission, then we’ll get sent back to Earth, where we won’t be allowed to say anything about anything. (I’m sure we’ll get round that one, o reader!)


So hang in there, people. The Zaragoza Twins will be back!!!



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