The Somontano Monkey Speaks #3



(Not sure what this is about? See the SOMONTANO MONKEY DYSLEPSIS PAGE)


Oh people hear me before we die:


Shifting sands feed not the viper of eternal wastelessness opposite thy unrealised mauve dream of unflinching captivity seemingly crossed with vacuous vapidity with a strong smell of rum. Conniving with streams which run towards the neck of charred Antarctic struts, telescopically gainsaying the hermeneutics of drowning, what does the convexity brandish amidst the collegiate aura of the eighty-eight?


Fanciful industriousness rids the eyelids of the snares of mental diabetes. Hold thy chin high, graceful one, besiege unreason, yet yesterday was but a nightmare.


When sight and salt are both the same, trust the guiding light of the lobster.




Commentary and analysis by Heen Martínez:


This is one of the few snatches of Somontano Monkey wisdom that seem to be directed at one particular person, maybe a chosen disciple. Who this person is can only be speculation, however. Who is this “graceful one” with an “unrealised mauve dream”? After many years of mulling it over, I am tempted to suggest this could refer to Miki Nakatani, the Japanese actress. Other feasible candidates are Spanish footballer Dani Güiza and Queen Beatrix of Holland (not too sure about this last one.)


The Monkey displays an offhand urgency, almost playful, some would say, as he presses the importance of remaining aloof but not detached (“telescopically gainsaying the hermeneutics of drowning” – an amazingly difficult concept brilliantly phrased by the Monkey at his linguistic best, surely!) from the perils of what the Greeks called ataraxia. 


One cannot but feel envious at the Somontano Monkey’s singling out one person for His message. As His spokesman, I am privileged, but no doubt the personal recipient of his verbal sagacity is more so. I have no knowledge of Ms Nakatani’s connection with the Somontano Monkey but trust she is following in His path.


More about:


Dani Güiza:


Miki Nakatani:


Queen Beatrix:

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Arnold Weissman on July 17, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    I second your opinion re Nakatani Miki. Nevertheless, this excerpt of Somontano Monkey Thought contains a reference which you seem to have overlooked; namely, the “collegiate aura of the eighty-eight” which takes us back to the Togugawa shogunate in the form of the “Eighty-eight Mistakes”, with which Nakatani is undoubtedly familiar and which were humorously recreated by Quentin Tarantino as “The Crazy 88” in his Kill Bill movie.


  2. Posted by zaragozatwins on July 19, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Heen says:

    With all due respect, Arnold Weissman, The “Eighty-eight Mistakes of Yushinaga”, dating back to the Togugawa shogunate, have very little common in common with what the Somontano Monkey is referring to, as far as I can see. And to suggest that Tarantino’s “Crazy 88” is in any way related to either is, at best, a quantum leap into the absurd. Almost more credible is a link with the song “Eighty-eight Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Dennis And The Degenerates, which is supposedly based on a folk song from Zaragoza.


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