Links and Stuff

People keep asking Sheen and me to add links and feeds and widgets and stuff to this weblog. I don’t think that’s a happening thing. For a start, we can’t really be bothered. And secondly, we feel that by cutting out this kind of thing we are making something artisan, a folk-crafted blog, where what counts is the adroitness of the word not the snazziness of the vehicle.


Be that as it may, we would not like to give the impression that here at Zaragoza Twins we have our heads in the clouds, perched on ivory towers with our ears blinkered and our eyes muffled, up to our necks in ostrichy sand, oblivious to the www around us. Sheen and I have therefore decided to share with you, o reader, some of our favourite links and sites.


We’ve opted not to mention glaringly obvious websites like the BBC. What follows is a partial list of some of the places we go with our browser, in no particular order. This is a great way to find interesting press articles without having to wade through all 58,000 magazines and 374,000 newspapers. How to learn foreign languages online. Mainly essays on pan-European issues that you wouldn’t find in your national press. Don’t know your mbalax from your kwassa kwassa? Start here! The FT of the Arab world. For to find slang English expressions no always easy for foreigners understand the website offer explanation’s meaning and using. Most are American, that is universal English. I have English-speaker friends also using that site so, very useful by people any country/language. Articles on controversial issues, sometimes interesting. Film reviews from lots of different sources. A bit raunchy at times, but what the hell. Great to wake you up in the mornings! A blog about the Spanish language. Minority-interest site about electricity. Another excellent web page that will only be of interest to a chosen few. So you can see where it’s all at. A good example of the hard work some people put into their blogs and an inspiration for Sheen and myself. Entertaining and unassuming blog by an English-speaking libertarian sceptic with a Spanish bent. Inspiring! If this kind of thing takes your fancy… Again, minority interest but even so, it deserves a mention. If you’re into home brewing, hundreds of ways to get your fix. Another useful site for news you might have overlooked. We’re including this as the epitome of person-based weblogs we daren’t even endeavour to emulate. Our unfettered praise goes to this kind of blogger.




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