The Somontano Monkey Speaks #2




Chapter 2


Oh people hear me before we die:


Beyond unreached diaresis of silence twixt the sands of universality and contorted camouflage becoming awake searching to the ground inevitably discovered realisations practical liquid combs and angst among the undergrowth of sinister fate.


I have this thing about nurses in uniform reasoning without denomination followed by monastic spiritual appearance hypnotised truth transformed into inspiration on the grass.


Consequentially perfect surging out of the pragmatic cement immortality war is the fraternity of principles crystallised but not concerning small pieces of unwanted purity because theirs will be the kingdom of the unready. Quiver not lest you be quivered.



Commentary and analysis by Heen Martínez:


The words of the Monkey were never clearer than in this second chapter of his immortal utterances. His message illuminates our path as we walk towards the light of His wisdom. The praxis of Somontano Monkey Thought can be summarised by the expressions “practical liquid combs” and “small pieces of unwanted purity”, which have become axiomatic in practically every walk of life for those of us who seek harmony, peace and titillation in our mundanity.


The Monkey seems to suggest a form of vegetarianism, perhaps even fasting, or at least abstaining from the uncooked meat of certain sea-dwelling marsupials; there are conflicting interpretations of this piece and it would be counter-productive to insist on any one school of thought. The Monkey opens our eyes and lets us make that choice.


Some readers may find that the teaching inherent in “cement immortality war” sits uneasily with the warning: “dive not into the murky vapours of astringency” which the Monkey delivers later in Chapter 4,627 but an open-minded tolerance of His symbiotic juxtapositioning of apparently contradictory comments gives way to a clear appreciation of the true message in all its wealth of reason. 


Once more, The Somontano Monkey shows His forgiving heart at the same time as His implacable ethical code. None shall be turned away and none shall escape the torment of His justice.  







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