The Somontano Monkey and Me


Since I revealed, a few days ago, that I was the reincarnation of the Somontano Monkey, or rather, that His soul had transmigrated into mine, I have received much scorn and hate mail. My inbox has been flooded by friends and acquaintances who are having a hard time accepting that I am the voice of the Monkey. I was, I must confess, quite surprised at the number of people who are, indeed, aware of the very existence of the Somontano Monkey, who was never a media idol, and shunned publicity with admirable fervour. Word of mouth, however, has kept the Monkey’s thoughts alive. More than a few people have expressed their distaste at my publishing here His actual words, as though it were preferable to keep them silenced. I have had to suppress most of the comments sent to this blog because of their obscene and offensive nature; not, I must stress, because they reproach me, but because of the way they actually dare to criticise the Monkey Himself. Personally, I can take all the negative criticism, for I am a mere mortal, but to lambast the Somontano Monkey on this forum is tantamount to blasphemy.


When Sheen and I decided to launch this blog, we realised that it was always going to be a prickly subject to bring up, my being the most recent reincarnation of the Monkey, but we made up our minds to bring it out into the open, mainly for the sake of those wholly ignorant of the sagacity of our beloved Monkey, whose words we genuinely believe to have the ability to transform people’s lives. Some readers may be shocked or disgusted, many will be sceptical, but most will (we trust) be receptive to the esemplastic trenchancy inherent in His utterances.


I try to take the Somontano Monkey in my stride. He inhabits my being, but allows me to live my own life. When asked who I am, I reply “Heen Martínez”, and live my life as such. Some may say it’s an intolerable burden, but I don’t see it that way. I don’t consider myself a Dalai Lama or anything of the sort. The Monkey speaks through me, but my voice is not His. Fortunately, I know when it’s the Somontano Monkey that’s speaking, and when it’s just my own brain.


Perhaps I should point out at this point, if it’s not already clear, that the Monkey has shown Himself before, that I am not, nor claim to be, the first person to be the reincarnation of the Somontano Monkey. The most famous reincarnation, as I’ve mentioned before, was in the person of Waldo Pérez, a school teacher originally from Madrid who emigrated to Agentina in the 1950´s. Pérez absorbed an explosive mixture of Bakhuninism and Peronism and tragically blew himself up when manipulating a bomb he intended to throw at nobody in particular on his 49th birthday in Buenos Aires. The presence of the Somontano Monkey in his psyche proved too much for him; he adopted monkey-like behaviour patterns and never really got to terms with the oppressive Weltanshauung that Unamuno’s philosophy entails. After Pérez’s death, the Monkey’s soul migrated to Korea, where Park See Young was waiting. Park also died tragically, in a traffic accident in Seoul just eighteen months later, but not before declaring that the Somontano Monkey publicly denounced and disowned anything that Pérez had announced in His name. Park never got to write down anything the Monkey said, although it is believed that his widow, Kim Hyo Joo, has kept a tape recording of Park’s conversations with friends. Many people have questioned that Park See Young actually became the Somontano Monkey; some see him as an attention-seeking fraud while others refuse even to believe he ever existed, and it must be pointed out that his death in Seoul was never reported to the Police…


Be that as it may, I feel that I have inherited the responsibility of carrying on the Monkey’s message. I refuse to be put off by the pathetic intimidations of the Colungo People’s Front or the nihilistic scorn of those who pretend to know better.


It’s not easy being the Somontano Monkey, but it’s a privilege I can’t deny.


When I write this blog under the name Heen, I am Heen. When the Monkey speaks, His words will always be prefaced with “Oh people hear me before we die”. My own brain is neatly compartmentalised, and I hope yours is, too.                           






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