The Somontano Monkey Speaks #1




Chapter One


Oh people hear me before we die:


Deaf is the word I hear in the crispy depth your never-failing heart of love that is so wise rejects and carelessly absorbs grain like sand for which I am come before you. The fig on the branch summer winds unwithered reach secondary moon I respond forthwith beneath the age of reason next to Barakaldo despite the infinite.


I’m just monkeying around the shimmering sun unbleaching foresight of yesteryear notwithstanding. Dictation from the mind of past masters replied. Touch not the root of the cranberry bush and abstain from unheavenly assiduity. The enemies of the Monkey writhe in ignorance, oh verily I swear.


Gathering the wind time scale beyond the seamless flux of forthright bliss gainfully forgotten benefits for what does it benefit a man to inherit the dung of his father’s camels.




Analysis and commentary by Heen Martínez:


In this opening chapter of the Somontano Monkey’s work, we immediately sense the harsh dichotomy that underlies so much of His message. Work or Reason. This confrontation, so elegantly expressed by the Monkey, has crude parallels with the Yin and the Yang, or Good and Evil, or, as the Monkey Himself puts it in a later verse, Milk and Ink. The Monkey tells us to accept our weaknesses and adopt a pro-active attitude in our relationships with our peers. Gambling, sunbathing and genetically-modified forms of entertainment are frowned upon. The oblique expression “seamless flux of forthright bliss” probably refers to either euthanasia or playing the violin, and it is not clear what the Monkey’s position is on either.


We are not sure about His reference to Barakaldo.


All utterances of the Somontano Monkey begin with the words: “Oh people hear me before we die”. This should be taken as suggesting a respectful urgency, rather than a threat. The Monkey was very aware of his fragility; the transient nature of his existence was, however, a liberation at the same time as a peril. From the standpoint of Western philosophy, this comforting message sits uncomfortably with his otherwise straightforward Unamuno-inspired worldview.


As this is the first time the thoughts of the Somontano Monkey have been published, Zaragoza Twins welcome any collaboration that may cast some light on His message.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Colungo People's Front on May 23, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Heen Martínez, you have been warned before not to claim you are the reincarnation of the Somontano Monkey! As you are quite aware, the Colungo People’s Front holds full rights to the declarations of The Monkey. Your revisionism is offensive and outrageous. We demand you delete all references to The Somontano Monkey. This ultimatum also extends to the so-called Somontano Monkey Liberation Army, the Voice of The Monkey network, the Partido Revolucionario del Mono de Somontano and the “Sons of the Monkey” movement, all of which are CIA-funded organizations. Death to imperialism! Viva El Mono de Somontano!


  2. Posted by zaragozatwins on May 23, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    Heen says:
    I am not surprised that the Colungo People’s Front has reacted to this post. I have chosen to leave their hysterical comment untouched so that people can see how the Somontano Monkey arouses such strong feelings, and so that everybody can appreciate how easy it is to get His message wrong. He is a Monkey of peace and understanding (I should know, I am He!) not the vindictive Stalinist ape that certain puerile individuals and organizations perceive Him to be. It’s true that His message can be interpreted in many ways, but none of these can lend themselves to the kind of tergiversations expressed by the CPF, a bunch of half-wits who quote one of The Monkey’s prior reincarnations, Waldo Pérez, later disowned by The Monkey Himself.

    I leave it up to the reader to decide for himself the tenure of The Somontano Monkey’s teachings, offering here on this blog, for the first time, His true and exact words.


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