Comparative Proverbs



Just as there’s an English proverb that says, “Don’t sell your chickens before they’re hatched”, there are several proverbs that appeal to our prudence in all languages. In Spain (and, I understand, in Norway) you can hear, “Don’t sell the bear skin before you’ve hunted the bear” and the Chinese say, “Don’t burn your incense until you see the true Buddha”. Here at ZaragozaTwins, we’re always keen to learn equivalents in other tongues, and would like to share some of our recondite discoveries with you.


Be amazed at the startling parallels of these poignant adages:


“Don’t sauté your tofu until you’re sure you’re a vegetarian” – Japan.


“Don’t throw your wife down the well until you’re sure it’s empty” – Mauritania.


“Don’t bribe the mariachi until you’ve heard the music” – Mexico.


If you know of any other proverbs in the same vein, do let us know, and we will publish them here and pretend we’ve discovered them ourselves.






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