What to Drink While Watching “Silkwood”

Whatever you imbibe watching this movie, you will keep glancing at your glass, sniffing at the contents, checking what it says on the label of the can/bottle and generally feeling uneasy about any solid, liquid or gas getting near your body, let alone into it.

For those who don’t know, it’s about workers on a nuclear power plant, how they’re exposed to radiation and how they react. Meryl Streep is full of plutonium, which is a shame, because she’s really nice in this film. Kurt Russell remains unscathed, however, as does Cher. Now, I wouldn’t have minded half as much if it had been Cher that turns radioactive, but there you go.

The characters’ favourite drink is Coors beer. You could argue that anybody who drinks Coors deserves all the radiation they get, but I won’t go there. In one scene, Kurt Russell pours beer over his head. This must be because he wonders if it will be good for his dandruff, or maybe he has just seen the light and has realised that Coors tastes foul. There’s another scene where he slugs back something that looks like whisky, but he seems to enjoy it even less than the beer.

Silkwood should be watched, as I’ve said, drinking absolutely nothing. However, if you are irremediably thirsty, you ought to drink something sterile which reminds you of a strong cleaning product. I’d recommend Mountain Dew, but I doubt it will do your dandruff any good.

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