Sheen and Heen’s Recent Developments

Sheen says:


I’ve been feeling really good for the last few days. I’ve had things to do but I haven’t felt stressed or overwhelmed and, at the same time, I’ve had plenty of free time but not so much for me to feel bored and at a loose end. It isn’t always easy to get that balance right, because I’m not responsible for assigning myself the tasks I have to carry out like yesterday morning when I had to had to go to the Town Hall offices to sort out some paperwork about our house. I was dreading it; I hate having to talk to these people; I always feel I’m justifying myself or begging and they’re always trying to catch me out or deny me my rights. But, actually, everything worked out fine. In part, it was because Heen had briefed me really well and I was prepared for just about everything they could throw at me. At one point I realised I was on the verge of a panic attack or something, and I followed Heen’s advice, I excused myself, went to the toilets and calmed down before going back to talk to the woman who, to be fair, was just doing her job and wasn’t rude or anything. And when I shook her hand afterwards (which is what my psychologist once told me I should always do), she really smiled at me and I liked that a lot.


That afternoon, I just sat on the balcony drinking tea, listening to music, looking at the people in the street. I felt sort of triumphant. I don’t want to say “proud”, but maybe that’s what I mean.




Heen says:


I mentioned a band called Calexico the other day. Now, I’m quite obsessive about many things and one the dangers of my “discovering” a new band, or a new author, or a new film director, is that I can’t stop until I’ve listened to everything that band has ever recorded, read everything that author has ever written or watched everything that director has ever filmed. Needless to say, that’s only if I like it; I think I quite like Calexico – the music, anyway, if not the lyrics of the songs.


I like collecting music. Well, I like collecting many things. You could say I just like collecting. But I don’t mean “accumulating” things; I think my real interest is taxonomy. I enjoy imposing structure on the pieces of the world that I admit into my world. That sounds a bit fascistic but I think it would only be so if I collected people and categorised them as Jews/Gypsies/Arians/Blacks/Caucasians, etc., and gave them positive or negative attributes. I’m not interested in collecting people. I’m not interested in collecting friends, either; I have two or three good friends but I don’t see them very often. I suppose I would rather have an interesting conversation with a total stranger than a long chat about nothing with a close friend. Sheen comes into a completely different category; no doubt I will write about our relationship one day.

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