Nukes? Hmmmm

Heen says:

Maybe it’s not official, but nuclear power is definitely back on the agenda. Who would have bet their money on this source of energy after Chernobyl and the positive image that “renewable” (a cuddly word if ever there was) energies enjoy? But here it is, folks – the mighty atom raises its radioactive little head all over the globe. It’s been interesting to see how the public mood has swayed gently from “anti” to “pro”; the media has done a great job portraying nuclear benefits, stressing its clean image and playing down the problem of storing the waste it produces. Nowadays people “understand that it’s a sensible option” – coal is dirty, oil comes from dangerous Arabs, windmills are for hippies, and nuclear power is the choice of the mature, responsible, thinking adult.

It was always going to happen, wasn’t it. The only surprising thing is that this change of heart is happening so coolly and gradually, like an invisible wave, like  … er … radiation…


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