This week’s / month’s Fishodiac Forecast

This week’s / month’s Fishodiac Forecast:


The sun is in the Carp as we speak, with John Dory rising. This is a great time for all you Pilchards to get that unsightly facial hair seen to, and Sticklebacks: start revising for that exam, pronto! Later on in the month, I think we could find Carps and maybe Sticklebacks, too, feeling a bit restless as we move into the Minnow ascendant. Obviously, Minnows will respond well, with that dizzy elation bordering on ecstasy. Looks like a good one, guys! Not a good time for Flounders, I’m sorry to say. Put off any major operations and don’t get married, unless it’s to a Turbot. Red Mullets will feel lucky this month, but could have problems with their eyesight as we move into the 3rd quarter. Not a bad time for Turbots or John Dories, who will be feeling strangely musical. Maybe it’s time for you guys to record that album you’ve always been dreaming of…?


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