It’s about those candidates…

Heen says:

It’s so obvious I just can’t understand how nobody has noticed or mentioned it before. Hillary Clinton is a man and Barack Obama is white.


Commentators overlook (or just don’t know!!) that Hillary used to be called Walter up until her sex change in 1967, and that Barack was so impressed by Michael Jackson’s dermo-chromatic makeover that he decided to become black, way back in 1999, when it was clear to him that he was never going to get anywhere in this life as a white politician.


Childhood friends of Walter Rodham remember him as a bit of a bully, but with a heart of gold. First grade teacher Mavis Patraña still recalls how she had to expel young Walter for bribing other kids, but later forgave him as he broke down in apologetic tears.


“I kinda knew Barack wasn’t happy with his skin color”, reflects Stan McCoy, a neighbor of Barack Obama in the 80’s. “He’d spend hours at the poolside, trying to get a tan. I guess he’s got what he wants now, and I’m happy for him. Vote for him? No way, I’d never vote for a black candidate.”



Next week: Is John McCain an Inuit?




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